Open your own shop on "Facebook" Now you can also sell directly on Facebook, with no additional work or costs. By using the ShopMania Social Cart application, you can address an audience of millions of users. It's time to experience the power of Social Shopping. This app can only be installed by the account owner.

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You can sell directly on Facebook

Capitalize on fans potential

After installing the application on your Facebook page, you can capitalize on the potential of your fan network. Your fans will be able to access your shop, without having to leave Facebook.

Expand your business

Your Facebook shop is an extension of your online shop and provides you with visibility in front of a constantly growing network of potential customers. Each fan can act as a catalyst for the reputation of your shop.

Quick setup

Install the ShopMania application on your Facebook page and then you can actually start selling! All the information contained in your product catalog will be automatically included in your Facebook shop.

Easy management

Managing your Facebook shop requires no additional work. All the changes brought to your product catalog are automatically reflected in your Facebook shop.
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